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We've teamed up with world renowned line manufacturer Maxima to produce a totally new line called Optimum.

As you'd expect from Maxima, this stuff is tough.... being a co-polyamide (it's a plastic that's extremely heat resistamnt and durable) it will withstand some serious abuse, which is something that was high on the list of priorities when we briefed Maxima. After all, the majority of us these days are fishing for bigger fish at some point through our seasons and having a tough mainline will not only allow you to pile the pressure on, but also ensure that you can fish with total assurance that your kit will last the course of many sessions.

Optimum is a sinking line so is perfect for feeder work, and being a tasty gunmetal colour, it'll suit a wide variety of water conditions - it looks the part too!

One of the key attributes of Optimum is that is has a low diameter for its breaking strain, something that's often overlooked, especially when you want to get the most out of your tackle on the cast; compared to some of its competitors, Optimum is up to 25% stonger for the equivalent diameter, which makes a huge difference to what you can achieve when it comes to casting further without the need for a shockleader.

Our team of consultants have been using it to great effect over the last year, winning countless matches and praising its toughness and suppleness that prevents unwanted 'memory' and tangles as it comes off the spool - perfect!

  • Low diameter, high breaking strain mainline
  • Unobtrusive gunmetal grey colour
  • Super-smooth to create less 'grind' through rod guides
  • Manufactured by Maxima, a world leader in line technology
  • Upt to 25% stronger per diameter than competitors
  • Available on 300m spool

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