MAP S 5000 Bait Sytem

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This unique bait set has been designed to fit directly on your side tray, and protect your bait from the elements should you want it to.

The clear lid has a full zip, which when fully opened, can be folded under the base giving you full access. However, we all know what the British weather is like, so you can also use it semi-zipped up, so you can still get your hand under when it’s pouring down with rain to grab whatever you need.

It’s supplied with 5 inner EVA tubs which can also be used individually. Being EVA it's super easy to clean and is a must have for any angler.

Designed to fit on most side trays
Will keep bait dry in wet weather
Easy clean EVA material
Perfect for pellets, hook baits etc.
Can be used to transport bait
3 x small bait compartments
2 x medium bait compartment

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