Carptek 4000 FD reel

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When designing the ACS reel, we wanted to offer the best functionality we could. That’s why the ACS offers immense winding power with strong gearing that’s designed to cope with hard fighting fish and constant feeder retrieval. The excellent line lay ensures accurate distance casting is made easier, and the super smooth drag system ensures the optimum level of reaction and fish control. 

Auto Clip System 

The Auto Clip System (ACS) is unlike any other line clip on the market. It has the ability to release the line automatically if a fish runs to the clip. Available on the ACS 4000 reel. 

ACS Line Clip Design 

Original line clips were designed to hold line on the spool in transit 
Now anglers use clips to cast accurately 
Original line clips can damage line when casting 
ACS line clip is line friendly and releases line when playing big fish 

ACS Line Clip Advantages 

Easy to locate line into clip 
Line friendly design doesn't damage line 
Accurate distance casting every time 
Perfect for casting to features or open water 
ACS is the only automatic line clip in the World 
Always releases the line when playing a big fish 
Works when playing fish either by back winding or using the drag.


  • Carptek reels offer exceptional build quality, silky smooth drag systems and an ultra-smooth performance. All models offer a luxury feel and unrivalled performance and feature a host of attributes, including our unique ACS Clip System.
  • 8 1 ball bearings
  • Instant anti-reverse
  • Balanced rotor
  • Anti-twist line roller
  • Sensitive drag system
  • Single and double handles with soft touch rubber grip

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